indexed game data overlay



Each game is captured on video and an analytics overlay for each team is added.
The table layout as displayed on the right of the video serves as an indexed
selection menu and details the event analytics or flagged event.
On the bottom right of the video additional menu items provide control for:
- skip to previous or skip to next flag
- create text or drawing annotation
- adjust playback rate


Each main activity per player per team is recorded.
Each activity or flagged event has a unique timestamp and can be viewed at any time.
A top menu highlight display lists the name of the flagged event.
A lead in time, in seconds, for each event is available (0s, 5s, 10, 30s)
Custom playlists can be created and stored in the database.


Each main activity per team has an event flag.
In this example the team's 'Goal' event flags were selected for video review.
A lead in time, in seconds, for each event is available (0s, 5s, 10, 30s)


The platform has an inbuilt drawing annotation.
Team strategies and player tactics can be draw directly into the video.
These tactical moves can be saved into the platform for future review.


Operating instructions and support information is always available.
Customisation of playlists provides a familiar event indexing method.